Purlogix PMV-2000e Bottle-less Water Cooler


Purlogix PMV-2000e Bottle-less Water CoolerPurlogix PMV-2000e Bottle-less Water Cooler

The Purlogix PMV-2000e bottle-less water cooler features muilti-stage carbon and sediment filtration to remove contaminants and delivers delicious hot or cold water through a sanitary electronic dispense port. This excellent bottle-less water cooler includes in-tank UV light for full water disinfection. If any bacteria, viruses, or other microbiological contaminants are present in the water, the ultraviolet (UV) light at this particular wavelength destroys the genetic material within these organisms, eliminating the possibility of bacterial or viral reproduction and proliferation.


Additional features shared by the Purlogix PRV and PMV Bottle-less Water Coolers include:

• Ultraviolet Bio-Film Control In-Tank (UV disinfection)
• Electronic Dispense with Safety Hot Feature
• Large Dispense Area
• High Capacity Hot and Cold Tanks
• LED Indicator Panel
• Drip Tray with Knock-Out for Drain
• Heavy Gauge Powder-Coated Side Panels
• Solid State Circuit Board with MicroProcessor Control
• Adjustable Cold Control [38° to 46°]
• Sleek Appliance Appearance
• Filtered Outlet for Coffee Brewer or Accessory Item
• Leak Detection with Water Shut-off & Audio Alert (optional)