Purlogix Bottle-less Coolers

Purlogix bottle-less water coolers feature water purification technology that provides you with an environmentally friendly supply of pure drinking water. With a Purlogix bottle-less water dispenser from DrinkMore Water you’ll never have to change heavy jugs of water, or worry about bottle storage. The Purlogix bottle-less water coolers we carry provide a healthy, pure, endless supply of fresh water in a cooler that is engineered to be virtually maintenance free.

DrinkMore Water offers several different types of Purlogix bottle-less water coolers with differing levels of purification. Our most economical option is the Purlogix PMV-1000e that features multi-stage carbon and sediment filtration to improve the taste and odor of the water. This classic white bottle-less cooler is very popular in the office place and is available in hot & cold. Check out our page on the Purlogix PMV-2000e Bottle-less Water Cooler.

If you are looking for a truly premium bottle-less water cooler for your office then a Purlogix PRV-1000e bottle-less cooler is perfect for you. With an attractive modern exterior and powerful reverse osmosis membrane technology the Purlogix PRV-1000e bottle-less cooler represents an outstanding option for producing an endless, renewable supply of pure drinking water. Check out our page on the Purlogix PRV-2000e Bottle-less Water Cooler.

If your office is seeking a space saving bottle-less water cooler solution then the Purlogix PCMV-1000e is the cooler for you. This compact model can fit into a smaller place and be placed on a counter-top to produce plenty of pure, refreshing drinking water for the whole office. To learn more check out our page on the Purlogix PCMV-1000e Bottle-less Water Cooler.